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Bingwi Neyaashi Anishinaabek

Location: Standpoint First Nation
Language: Ojibway
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Project Description

This community based project “Ojibwe Language and Culture Revival” is designed to revitalize and protect Ojibway language and culture through audio/visual teaching aids, book(s) and language classes



  • Audio visual Teaching Aids – production of a 2020 Calendar in Ojibway with English Translations for language learners: beginner to intermediate
  • Target Audience are youth and adult learners


  • Language and Culture Classes – speaking, reading and writing in Ojibwe with cultural teachings included
  • Language Learning: Intermediate
  • Number of Participants: target 20 learners
  • Number of Hours: 35 classes at 2 hours per class = 70 hours total



  • Development of books on cultural teachings with illustrations for language learners: beginner to intermediate levels with target audience of youth and adults