Welcome to “Our People, Our Culture, Our Canada!”

The FNCCEC in partnership with the Government of Canada is proud to announce the FNCCEC Cultural Expo 2017


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We want you to join us in the celebration of the culture and history of First Nations people! If you’re attending, please RSVP on Facebook

About Us

About the FNCCEC Cultural Expo

First Nations are integral in weaving the fabric of Canada as a country. It is vital, it is critical and it is essential for First Nations people to be key players in shaping reconciliation; and to have an active role in celebrating our identity, heritage and our cultural traditions with all Canadians. We believe culture is education, culture is healing, and culture is success. Together as people, nation to nation, we will move forward in making the next 150 years and beyond the best for First Nation children, and for all children, we will leave a bountiful legacy of celebration.
The Cultural Expo is a weeklong event, fundamental in showcasing and celebrating First Nations people, history, culture, languages and ways of life. The First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres (FNCCEC) is confident that Canadians will embrace learning, sharing and celebrating First Nation people and our culture. Celebration of cultural heritage is reconciliation and this is the path for healing, relationship building and fostering understanding and respect for First Nations people.
This event aims to increase understanding of First Nation cultures and unite First Nation people and Canadians.

We would like to acknowledge the funding by the government of Canada for this project.
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About the FNCCEC

The First Nations Confederacy of Cultural Education Centres (FNCCEC) is a non-profit national organization comprising of over fifty Cultural Education Centres which are located in every part of the country and represents the language and cultural diversity among First Nations.

Our unified voice leads in the promotion, protection, revitalization and maintenance of First Nations languages, cultures and traditions as given by the Creator.

The FNCCEC was established in 1972, born out of Indian Control of Indian Education. The FNCCEC is represented by a national Board of Governors with the board members duly appointed by their respective regions and territory. Cultural Education Centres are grassroots-driven. They are fundamental in developing and delivering language and cultural programs to their respective communities.

It is the vision of the FNCCEC that we work collectively as an organization for the development of culturally and linguistically self-sustaining First Nation communities, and to create awareness on the vitality of promoting, protecting and preserving our First Nations languages and culture.